Food and Example Menu

FoodI feel that it is extremely important to encourage children to try a wide range of different foods and experience new flavours and tastes. I cook the majority of my food from scratch and include healthy nutritious ingredients. I don’t eat meat myself and so feel comfortable meeting special dietary requirements including halal and allergies/intolerances. Below is a sample menu but feel free to make contact to discuss your child’s specific needs.

Sample menu


  • Porridge with mixed berries or
  • Toast with banana cinnamon and honey
  • Milk or water to drink


  • Wholewheat pitta pockets with tuna and smiley face salad
  • Fruit skewers with yoghurt dip
  • Milk or water to drink


  • Meat or vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise with ‘hidden vegetable’ tomato sauce
  • Strawberry sunshine pancakes


  • Healthy snacks will be available morning and afternoon
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